Loon Mountain - JM Photography

Loon Mountain Weddings

We love photographing weddings here! The ceremony on top of a mountain can be compared to nothing else we’ve ever been a part of. Our photography doesn’t do it justice, to experience it is the only way to know its full beauty. It is awesome when couples reach out to us that have the same creative vision and ideals. The glance across the aisle. The tear of joy. A loss of breath in anticipation. It is such a thrill when we see that moment develop… and capture it forever.

JM Photography

Friendly | Relaxed | Flexible. Our couples are typically in search of these ideals and we hope our easy going nature and personality will add to the atmosphere, both physical and emotional, where you will feel safe to be completely yourselves!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, click here for information or just to say hi! - Justin & Jess

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