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Five Key Aspects in Selecting your Wedding Photographer

Beyond the basic professionalism, referrals, and customer satisfaction consider the following:

Attention to Detail ~ With so much work going into your wedding day, your photos are really your most treasured take away. Selecting someone who will listen, see, and capture what is important to you is critical!

Works with their clients ~ Trust and personality are key components here! You will spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor. Therefore, you want to feel comfortable with them to manage the crazy relatives and know who to capture on your big day. Hint: The client testimonials are the most sincere look into the relationship the photographer has built with their clients.

Utilizes both traditional and artistic photographic techniques ~ This combination of style and skill balanced within portraiture and candids is what creates your storybook of photos. 

Transparency in packages and overall 'value' ~ All inclusive vs. a la cart pricing. You want everything to be clearly stated, so you are not wondering what you are missing. Look for someone that delivers the best value within their package offerings and consistently exceeds client expectations.

Has the proper equipment ~ This should be a given, but always good to ask of whether they have 3+ cameras and 6+ lenses in case anything breaks on a previous job, or the day before, or oh my gosh the day of!

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