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10 Things to do Before your Photographer Arrives

More often than not, where you decide to get ready is overlooked in the wedding planning process. Here are some helpful and easy to-do tips to ensure your getting ready photos are as flawless as the rest of your wedding.

Lighting - When it comes to photography, lighting is everything! Natural window light allows for the best photos. If the space does not have enough natural light, get creative with artificial

Think light - lamps, candles, string lights and lanterns, etc.

Location - An ideal spot would be spacious with minimal clutter such as food containers, empty bottles, plastic wrappers, etc. A hotel suite is usually spacious enough for the entire wedding party and photographer to move around in.

Attire - Because the bride typically puts the dress on within the last 15-30 minutes, keep in mind that a good portion of photos will feature you in your pre-wedding outfit.

The Dress - Consider hanging your dress on a wooden hanger (or at least bringing one with you). Just a subtle touch, but certainly a nice one.

Ceremony Tips

Ask your officiant to center you with the isle Keep walking when you walk out of the ceremony… these pictures can often be amazing!

Ask the coordinator to not lend a hand and follow right out behind you. Too often they end up in a picture that would be better If it was just the two of you.

Reception Tips

Soft, romantic lighting is the best, such as Christmas lights, rope lights, hanging bulbs, paper lanterns, lights in trees, Mason jars with candles inside.

If you hire a DJ that is using a strobe light, inform your photographer because it creates a few issues regarding color and exposure of the photographs

Ask the band/DJ to bring a wireless mic. During the toasts the person is able to stand near you or in front of you. Along with it being a better picture, it is much more personal.

Lastly, remember to trust your photographer, that's why you hired a professional!

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